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Red and White Carnations
Red and White Carnations: Transformational Energy Medicine

Earth Meditations


To complete the four element meditations, we turn downwards to the earth, Pachamama. Sitting comfortably, close your eyes and take a breath in, then out. See beautiful images of this planet, images that bring you joy, and evoke deep love and gratitude for Pachamama. Gather this up in your heart into a big ball, and with the next breath, send this ball of love and gratitude down, down, down, past the soil, past the roots of the trees, down past the bedrock, down into the liquid iron crystal heart of Pachamama. 

Wait a few moments, then feel the love and gratitude returned back to you from Pachamama.

Here is an article from National Geographic about giant crystals underground in deep caves in Mexico, with truly amazing photographs of crystals that dwarf the people exploring them. Also interesting in the article is mention of viruses and microbes that are found in these caves and in other diverse places like Austalia and South Africa, and in hydrothermal vents in Greece.


"As mind-boggling as the idea of a possibly globe-spanning, underground bacterial network may be, some scientists see potential links between the Cave of Crystals and even farther-flung hot spots—for example, extreme environments on Mars and other worlds."

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