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Red and White Carnations
Red and White Carnations: Transformational Energy Medicine

Last Day of Light Body East Class


On Saturday evening, we had our closing East fire, and gave the Taitanchis Rites, the Creator Rites. And wow those rites came in powerfully!

On Sunday, the last day of the Four Winds Light Body East class, we made an Aya Despatcho, the 7 layer Despatcho for endings and death. You can see the black, red, green, blue, rainbow, gold and white layers. Each layer represents something specific: black is the unmanifest Ukupacha, red is Pachamama, green is the Kaipacha, blue is the wisdom of the mountains, rainbow is the Hanakpacha, gold is what we dream into being, and white is unity, nothingness and everything.

Once the Aya Despatcho was made, we took it down to the fire pit by the river, which we decorated for the occasion with rainbows of flowers. You can see the ashes which were left 1.5 hours later.And here is the creek that joins the Grand River.

Here is the Eagle altar, too, and a group shot of all the East Light Body participants. What a wonderful class, and what great work you all did. Enjoy your wings! Thanks again to Ona Sachs who taught the South, West, North and East classes here in Canada.

On an interesting note yesterday, as Linda was refilling the hummingbird feeders, a female hummingbird flew into the house! She got confused about the windows, and Linda was able to gently catch her in a towel, whereupon she proceeded to squeak loudly. Linda opened the window and then her hands, and off she flew. We were quivering with the energy of it for some time afterwards, what a great message.

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