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Red and White Carnations
Red and White Carnations: Transformational Energy Medicine

Welcome to the Equinox Tomorrow! Starting the Equinox Sand Painting Tonight, Plus the Fall Schedule.


Still seeing the female hummingbirds at the feeders! However this sugar maple sapling was greeting me this morning with lots of colour, so Fall is around the corner for sure!

Tonight starting at 6:30pm and going until 7:30 pm we begin to create the Equinox sand painting here on the Land. Join us in this ceremony for acknowledging and honouring obstacles, baggage, hucha (heavy energy). You blow these energies into burnable objects, which you place in the sand painting. Pachamama in her love for us, mulches and transforms them. The fire the next evening will burn these objects, releasing gifts that can reinform our lives. Building the sand painting is from 6:30pm to 7:30pm today. The ceremony continues for 24 hours, so come and place objects within the sand painting whenever you wish during this time. Access to the giant sand painting on the Land continues tomorrow. Come at any time to place in the sand painting burnable objects that symbolically represent aspects of yourself that you want to release and transform. Think personally, locally and globally! Use the energy of the Fall Equinox, equal day and equal night, when the wheel of the year is in balance, as jet fuel to bring alignment and flow to your life and the community around you. Equinox Fire starts tomorrow at 7:30pm.

In case you didn't get this information elsewhere, here's a copy of the email we sent out mentioning our Fall schedule:

"This fall is a busy one, as we flow along in time and space through the 2012 changes. A friend remarked yesterday that something is shaking up the Blanket of Time, and indeed, we do feel the shifting, along with a kind of a nudging insistence to continue healing ourselves and the planet. It’s all part of the times we are in.


“I had a vision, the ancestors told us to heal the world.

When we heal ourselves, we also heal our ancestors,

our grandmothers, our grandfathers and our children.

When we heal ourselves, we also heal Mother Earth.”

Grandmother Rita Pitka Blumenstein


So, we are getting the word out about our Fall Fires, Despatchos, Ceremonies and Workshops.


Between now and the end of the year, Despatchos will be held on the Full Moon for those of you bringing friends. New for the Fall are Wild Card New Moons. See www.redandwhitecarnations.com for more details. We are adding things all the time, for example, we are looking for a date to offer a Dying Consciously workshop here in Elora, so check the website often!



Fall Schedule Highlights

Inkan Medicine Wheel North Class Sept 28-30 The third of the four directions, North is where we shed our roles and how they bind us. With this work combined with the shedding done in the South and West, we are free from what holds us back from our soul's journey. Now, we are ready to step off the path we've been on and choose what we want in our lives, the Hummingbird Journey responding to the call of spirit and re-writing our soul's contract. Through ceremony, there is a deepening of our connection to these wisdom teachings and this lineage of medicine men and women. See calendar for details of this workshop.


Full Moon Fire and Despatcho Sept 30, 7pm

After the North class ends


Fulacht Fia Ceremony and Fire Oct 20 and 21  (Note Date change!)

Come celebrate the Ancestors and the Land here in Elora. We begin at 4pm Oct 20 by digging a community fire pit to nourish the land, called a Fulacht Fia, which also honours Mother Earth and Father Sky. We decorate the pit, and light the fire which burns overnight. These community fire pits are found all over northern Europe, and in Irish Gaelic are called Fulacht Fia. We will have a pot luck dinner, from 6:30pm till 8:00pm. After dinner, there is a joyful celebration for our ancestors and heritage, and we leave out food for the ancestors. We all have busy lives, so you can come to any or all of the celebration, which continues into the next morning. Or you can attend the next morning, when we fill in the pit.


Dying Consciously Workshop, Ottawa On Oct 27-28


Samhain, Full Moon Fire and Aya Despatcho Oct 31


NEW ROUND OF THE WHEEL: Inkan Medicine Wheel, South class start November 2 in Elora.


NEW ROUND OF Munay Ki: Classes start Nov 5 in Elora.


Wild Card New Moon Fire/ceremonies: Nov 13 and Dec 12, start times 7:30pm

Shaking things up a bit for the fall! We may be doing a fire, or ceremony, or something we are called to do as Shaman to honour or clear someplace. We may or may not be doing this work here on the land, so if you want to find out what Wild Card we have pulled and join us, call 519-669-2016 for details.


Lots of magic for Fall, and it would be exciting to have you join this wonderful community deepening their connection to Pachamama, and to the sacred flowing through us and around us!"


Much Munay


Linda and Fiona

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