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Red and White Carnations
Red and White Carnations: Transformational Energy Medicine

Signs in Nature


What an amazing week for signs in nature. The trees are making that vibrant transition to reds and oranges, the loudest of all the Sugar Maples.

On the drive up to Tobermory, I saw a double rainbow gracing the sky on the Equinox. You know how there can be patches of clouds, and blue sky, and the rain is falling out of the blue sky and not out of the clouds, and the rain is soaking you? That's how it was on the way up.

And on the way back down, in the moonlight, the same phenomenon was happening, the stars peeping out from behind the patches of clouds, and then the moonlight catching the fat raindrops that were falling out of a cloudless part of the sky. I have never seen such beauty.

This evening when I was getting out of my car, to bring vases of flowers into the house for the Medicine Wheel North, I was met amd greeted by a female Grouse. She came right up to the car door, and clucked musically at me as I set down the flowers. Standing about a foot away from my leg, she pecked a few times at some berries in the arrangement. Then she kept pace with me from the car to the front door, twisting her head to look at me, putting her crest up, then down, bowing, circling around.

At first I was afraid to startle her by sudden movements, but she just walked right up to me, then away. I knelt down and talked to her, and she came closer, bobbing her head. I remembered finally that I had my phone in my pocket and took a few photos and videos.

This greeting went on for half an hour, the Grouse following me back to the car, to the house again, through the shrubs and then into the garage, back out to the pathway again. All the while clucking softly and musically. Powerful Grouse medicine! Finally she left and strolled off along the shrubs. I'm unaware of any grouse nest nearby, but I am now aware of the Grouse dance.

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