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Red and White Carnations
Red and White Carnations: Transformational Energy Medicine

Water Ceremony at the Falls for the New Moon


Since the last few days have been spent here in Niagara Falls, it seemed a water ceremony was appropriate.The heavyness of the dark sky pressing down was very atmospheric.

Starting upstream of the falls, visualizing the yearning that each molecule of water has to flow downstream, through Lake Ontario, down the St Lawrence and eventually into the Atlantic Ocean.

Listening to the gurgling of the water near the shore, then walking along, Mesa in hand, feeling the resonance of all the water molecules in my body with the huge power of the green water nearby. Now the water begins to flow over the rapids, jumping and leaping, little bits of foam on the surface. Spray leaps into the air.

The choices that the water molecules make, to stay with the others or dance free into the air? I can feel these messages in my cells.

Pouring around a few small limestone islands dotted with shrubs, past a wrecked metal barge hung up on the rocks, somebody's unexpected maritime experience.

Now you can feel the pounding sound in the air, and see the bits of foam on the surface before they slide beautifully over the smooth curve of the falls. Watching the water break up from smooth green to white spray, then disappearing into the mist, then reuniting with all the other water molecules in the pool at the base of the falls. Gathering themselves together as if nothing extraordinary had happened, as if they had not just flown over the cliff, singing all the way down.

Truly a powerful moment, and we can draw on this huge reservoir of energy, thanking it for all it provides, blessing the water as it pours so generously.

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