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Red and White Carnations
Red and White Carnations: Transformational Energy Medicine

Samhain Aya Despatcho Oct 31


Once again the beautiful 7 layered Aya Despatcho. This one is to honour what we have died to, those who have passed. Thanks to Annerose  who had a download of also honouring those Medicine Women and Men who have been killed or burned for being herbalists, shaman, wise women, bonesetters, people who lived on the edge of the woods and kept the old knowledge....people just like us.

Certainly there were many millions killed in the burning times of the middle ages in Europe, but these burnings still go on today, just google and find that "witches" are still burned in Nepal and Kenya. Many shaman were killed in the Peruvian jungle not too long ago.

The black layer is what is unmanifest, black soil, candy skulls for the Day of the Dead. The red layer is for Pachamama, lots of sweetness and spices. The green layer is this middle world, you can see the table and place setting for the every day world around us. The blue layer is the mountains, the sky, the clouds. The rainbow layer connects this world to spirit, everything rainbow. The gold layer aligns us with our destiny, we place stars here. The white layer is nothingness and oneness.

This was a wonderfully spicy and sweet Despatcho, filling our nostrils with the scent of chocolate and cinnamon. It was a windless night when we went outside to burn the Despatcho, but the fire blazed up like a funeral pyre, as if a thousand unacknowledged spirits roared their appreciation.

In the morning, a charcoal heart greeted us.

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