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Red and White Carnations
Red and White Carnations: Transformational Energy Medicine

Reading the Signs of Destiny Class


Yesterday was the first day of Reading the Signs of Destiny at the Eco Retreat Centre in the Hockley Valley. It was cold enough yesterday morning that there was ice on the little pond by the Dining Hall. The land here is nestled into a valley on the Niagra Escarpment, with several clear little streams pouring down the hillsides. The leaves are down, and only the ferns remain green. The Bruce Trail runs atop the hills. Our teacher was Julie Hannon, Four Winds staff. Thanks Julie!

The class began with an I Ching reading, "possession in great measure" which is the reading for the week we are here.

Opening fire was unusual, the four logs remained in a stable tipi structure while the middle burned, leaving a container for the prayer sticks. There was a lot of smoke smudging half the fire pit. Jaguar came in and walked around the fire, and remained circling until closing directions when she jumped into the middle of the fire.

Today we worked on perceptual states and reading stones, methods of diviniation, or bringing the divine to us so we can recieve information from it, rather like a still lake on a moonless night, where you can't tell where the lake ends and the sky begins. With this stillness inside yourself, then any ripples that come to you are coming from that ocean of information that resides between us, rather than from yourself. Allowing the information to float up from the depths of the lake to answer the questions your client may have.

This evening we gave Kawak or Seer's Rites, which come from the coast of Peru and increase our ability to see the unseen worlds.

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