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Red and White Carnations
Red and White Carnations: Transformational Energy Medicine

Lots to Choose From Between November and December Full Moons!


Because of this amazing time of change and transformation, we are offering something for each week between the November and December Full Moons. Linda had a download to provide ceremony in community each week. These changes are already occuring, and this is about showing kindness to others, seeing the light in others, and being in community with like-minded people as we go forward into this time, envisioning the world we wish to live in.

Come to any or all of the following events as you feel called to do so, either physically or energetically. Please RSVP if you'll be here in person, so we know how many to prepare for.

Nov 28th Full Moon Fire Ceremony and 7-layer Aya Despatcho, here on the land. 7:30pm We are honouring and releasing all that does not serve as we move forward into this time of great change. The 7-layer Aya Despatcho is for what we are dying to, or letting go of. Additionally, this evening is a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, visible around the Pacific Rim, but not here in Ontario. This eclipse is about awakening, healing and change. Bring small organic, burnable objects to put into this Aya Despatcho if you wish. $20 donation for Despatcho supplies, and donations to the local food bank gratefully accepted. Call 519-669-2016 for directions or email info@redandwhitecarnations.com

Dec 3, 7:30pm, Meditation and Mosoq Rites, here on the Land. Today the planets Mercury, Venus and Saturn align in the sign Libra, and this seems like a great evening for Meditation and Mosoq Rites, the Rites that anchor us in the time to come. If you were at the Great Pyramids in Giza, Egypt, below is what you’d see.

Phone 519-669-2016 for directions or email info@redandwhitecarnations.com

Dec 7-9, Inkan Medicine Wheel, East Class. The East is when we become the visionary of our world. We look at possibilities, not probabilities. We discern how energy and intention create reality, realizing that as we perceive the world, we create it. See Workshops for details.

Dec 12, Wild Card New Moon Fire, Ayni Despatcho followed by Taitanchi (Creator) Rites at the Fire ceremony. The Despatcho is on the theme of the Power of Consciousness. Taitanchi (Creator) Rites, done in traditional Quechua manner, awaken the creator-light within and bring forth a sense of stewardship of all creation.7:00pm in Fergus, On. $20 Donation for Despatcho supplies. Email ssomerville@rim.com for directions to the location in Fergus, On.

Dec 16, Chaska Despatcho, here on the land. For those of you who prefer a daytime Despatcho, we are offering a Chaska (Star) Despatcho starting at 10am. Chaska Despatchos are to bring balance to the planet, and this seems a wonderful time for this to happen. $20 donation for Despatcho supplies. Donations to the local food bank also gratefully accepted. Call 519-669-2016 or email info@redandwhitecarnations.com for directions.

Dec 21, 5:30pm, Quetzalcoatl Fire for Winter Solstice

Welcome in the Winter Solstice! The wheel of the year moves into the darkness from which all light springs. Our community here in Elora has been blessed with some creative geniuses, who have dreamed up and assembled from willow sticks, paper mache, feathers and rainbow tissue paper a 6 ft long Quetzalcoatl who is at the moment, flying in our living room. This beautiful Feathered Serpent, Gatekeeper of the Kaipacha, this Middle World, is waiting to take your wishes and prayers to Spirit in a ceremony.
Our local allyu is asking for you to send prayers, wishes, etc for this time we are in, of great changes continuing through and beyond 2012. These prayers and wishes can be for yourselves, family, friends, pets, co-workers, communites, countries, Pachamama and all her creation. Your imagination is limitless. Write these prayers down and email them to us. We will fold these up and put them inside the Quetzalcoatl, and on December 21, 2012 we will have a community bonfire and ceremonially release these wishes to Spirit, anchoring them beyond 2012, in this most excellent exercise in non-attachment and dreaming the world into being!

519-669-2016 for details, location still to be finalized, keep checking back!

Dec 28, Ayni Despatcho and Full Moon Fire here on the land. Now we complete the wheel of community events between the November and December Full Moons. An Ayni Despatcho and fire at 7:30pm, to celebrate being in these amazing bodies at this amazing time, envisioning the world as we want it to be! $20 donation for Despatcho supplies, and donations for the local food bank gratefully accepted. 519-669-2016 for details.

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