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Red and White Carnations
Red and White Carnations: Transformational Energy Medicine

Third Day, Medicine Wheel East


What an excellent and wild weather day to end the East, blowing out all the old world views that do not serve us! The Taitanchi and Kurakakuyek Rites were received, connecting people to the creator within and the stars.

At the end we had a beautiful Mesa Masti, where we sit with open Mesas and travel to the stars and back, tracking our gifts. Lynn Berryhill graciously did a leaf reading for the allyu as well. The messages were to be conscious ofdiversions and that which does not support our journeys, and the outcome was strength coming from community.

The closing fire was wild, and needed the blending of the masculine and feminine to start it. Once started, what a blaze! Wind, sleet and rain completed the celestial house clearing.

We heard some amazing things from the participants of this Wheel, things like how their lives have changed for the positive since starting this, in a real way. How other workshops did not have the effects of change that the Inkan Medicine Wheel does. How they gained insights and tools to help themselves and others to be in Ayni, and dream the world they want into being.

Congratulations to the Full Mesa carriers who completed this journey, we are excited for you stepping in to your power.

A huge thank you to Lynn Berryhill from the Four Winds office who mentored Linda Ludwig through this process. You have such a wealth of knowledge and a calm and joyful way of sharing, Lynn.

And congratulations, Linda, now you can fly with the eagles and teach many more Inkan Medicine Wheels!

Lucy the Shaman Dog was fabulous with everyone, and in the class photo, she can clearly see the orb just in front of her nose. Thanks to all, and wind to your wings!

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