Red and White Carnations: Transformational Energy Medicine

Photos from Dec 28th Full Moon Fire and Ayni Despatcho


The Despatcho took on a spice and flower feel, and we used hammemalis (witch hazel) leaves from the garden for kintus. The hammemalis leaves are fuzzy on the back, and nice golden, orange or brown in colour. The clouds formed circles, coils, and all around were red and white carnation petals, making a border. Wonderful energy for the last Despatcho of 2012!

The full moon was beautiful in the sky, and the snow reflected the light so that no other light was needed to make the fire.

As the fire was being tended, an owl hooted off to the will soon be mating season for the Great Horned Owl, and for several years they have nested on the land. A good omen.

In the morning the ashes were blanketed with snow.

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