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Red and White Carnations
Red and White Carnations: Transformational Energy Medicine

Quetzalcoatl Fire 3 Aftermath


This morning was beautiful and sunny, perfect for the balance of the Quetzalcoatl Fire Ceremony.

Today we took the ashes of the fire and of Q down to the sacred Grand River a few kilometres away. The water was open, but little bergy bits of ice and slush were whishing along, creating interesting sounds when the floating ice scraped along the shore ice.

As we were tracking the best place for the ceremony, an animal appeared on the other bank, but too far away to see. It moved to the edge of the ice, and then could be seen swimming upriver towards us along the opposite bank.

We opened sacred space, thanking the water for holding the ashes of all these prayers, and for returning and redistributing the physical to water molecules everywhere. As we were preparing the frozen flowers from the fire decorations, blessing them and putting them in the rushing water, the little animal on the other shore drew level with where we were and revealed itself as a Muskrat. It stayed throughout the ceremony of returning the ashes to the water, and closing with more flowers. Then it slipped back into the river and continued upstream. Thank you Muskrat for stopping by our ceremony!

The ceremony felt complete, and the download was that it is time to go inside oneself through meditation, and rely on the sense of smell, touch, hear, more so than only what we see, for the next little while. Quetzalcoatl energy flows here in the physical world, manifesting our dreams.

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