Red and White Carnations: Transformational Energy Medicine

Full Moon Despatcho Pictures April 26


The focus for this Ayni Despatcho was to mulch, honour, find the gifts and then release the various structures and institutions in our lives, inspired by the heavy news flow of the past two weeks.

This was an incredibly focussed Despatcho. We began by identifying institutions such as the international financial system, the courts, governent, police, organized religion and so on. Then we looked at them from the view of the triangle of disempowerment: vicitm, perpetrator, hero, and saw how each institution or structure sat on the triangle, on a global level. Then we blew this into a beech leaf kintu layer. Each object was placed with great deliberation. The red and white road showed up too.The energy of the shadow in this layer was quite spectacular, all those positions on the triangle were fully engaged in the Despatcho. In fact, my shadow (!) kept showing up in the photos.

This layer was covered in chocolate and sweetness, and we stepped off the triangle to see these institutions and honour them in their pure form: governement is governance, helping things to work together; the court system becomes a way to ensure ayni occurs; policing becomes the luminous warrior, and so on.The energy shift in the Despatcho at this layer was profound. Suddenly, I was able to find new photo angle and my shadow disappeared from the photos....

Then we looked for the gifts these institutions contain, and blew these gifts into a layer of Japanese maple leaves: balance, respect, communication, and so on. Colourlful flowers and a lattice of energy were placed at this layer.

Lucy, Shaman Dog extrordinaire, noticed that the Despatcho was missing two things. She rummaged around in my office and brought out a piece of paper, which when turned over had the word "relationship" on it. Yes, the Despatcho needed that concept also. Finally, she stuck her nose into the drawer that holds Despatcho supplies and pulled out at least two leaves to make a kintu for the outside of the Despatcho, the kintu for any forgotten prayers. Lucy is right on top of things lol.

The moon shone brightly down, and it seemed right to let the Despatcho cook overnight through the darkness and then into the light. We burned it at dawn, and it left just a few shells of ash to indicate the transformed structures.A very powerful Despatcho indeed.


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