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Red and White Carnations
Red and White Carnations: Transformational Energy Medicine

A Water Despatcho for the Full Moon (Helped by a Water Dog)


On this Full Moon, we did a Water Despatcho to honour water everywhere. The physicalness of waves crashing on a beach, a river running, fog swirling, rain falling, snow blowing, and the water that is the stuff of our bodies, circulating as blood through our veins. The idea of water as emotions, swirling thorugh us. Water as a mythic journey of transformation. And the pure energy of water in the universe.

Water is sacred, and we give thanks to healthy, pure water everwhere on the planet. Holding it as healed, whole.

Everything assembled on this Despatcho sheet is biodegradable and interesting to fish. Flowers, beans, seeds. We worked in from each corner, like the Shipibo women do in the Amazon, when they create their wonderful Shaman textiles.

Lucy, Shaman Dog extraordinaire, anchored the Despatcho as a centrepiece, stating that as a water dog breed she wanted to help in the creation. When it reached the centre, she got up and walked off, shedding marigold petals.

We then took the sheet and rolled it up, and took it to a tributary of the Grand River, where, holding onto the sheet, we shook the Despatcho into the water. The blessings and petals flowed downstream, lingering in the places that needed the energy.

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