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Red and White Carnations
Red and White Carnations: Transformational Energy Medicine

The Falacht Fia October 31 and November 1


Again we met to celebrate the Ancestors, digging a pit and decorating the edges for the Dagda and Dannu, Pachamama and Inti TaiTai, Mother Earth and Father Sun. Milk, oats, hazel nuts, tobacco, sage, sweetgrass and uisgiubach were placed into the pit in blessings. Then we lit a fire which we kept going all night and into the next day.

The roses which were part of the decorations opened with the heat of the fire. We said the names of those we came from, our Blood Lines, and told their stories. We remembered those not our ancestors, our Milk Lines, who had influenced our lives, and told their stories. And lastly we talked of those who had passed in this calendar year. A generous dram of uisgiuback (whiskey) was poured into the flames. Food and drink that our ancestors liked was left on plates around a tree to nourish them. The nest of a wasp, to represent community, was placed in the fire.

As we remember the Ancestors, we lift them out of the usual Western gutter of blame (how we perceive what they did to us or how we perceive they treated us), and thank them for getting us here, thank them for their gifts to us, ways of seeing,  knowing, intuiting.

During the night it snowed, and the leaves of the Bruneria plants made snow hearts. In the morning, we read poetry, and did Rites of the Dead, before closing the fire and filling the pit. 

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