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More Details on the Water Despatcho in Bissell Park, Elora, Saturday July 18


Thanks to the Water Ceremony

Saturday, July 18  10am to noon    Bissell Park, Elora               

What to bring: flowers from your garden

Despatchos are beautiful living prayer bundles. These bundles hold our intentions for manifesting or releasing. The focus of this despatcho is gratitude for clean, living waters. We will use flowers and leaves to hold these intentions. When complete, it will be released into water to allow the prayers to go into the wider world. This shifts the energy and brings in opportunities and healing.

We are mostly water, the planet’s surface is mostly we heal the waters, we heal ourselves and we heal the planet.

All are welcome! Wonderful for kids!

Bissell Park is along the Grand River off Mill St E at Melville St. 

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