Red and White Carnations: Transformational Energy Medicine

February 21 New Moon Fire and Aya Despatcho


We had an amazing seven-layer Aya Despatcho last night, and 18 adults and children joined us for this honouring of endings and passings of people, our pets and parts of ourselves. This feels like imporant work right now given it's 2012.Each layer represents something specific. The Black layer is unmanifest potential; Red is for Pachamama; Green is the Kaipacha, this physical world; Blue is the sky, what is above; Purple/Rainbow connects this world to spirit, to carry our messages; Gold is alignment with your destiny; White is Oneness.

 Before the fire began, a fox could be heard hunting, calling somewhere on the land. When we stopped chanting to allow the spirits of the land, the ancestors and any who wanted to use the smoke as a way to go home, there were many, many spirit takers of this offer!  

This morning the ashes looked like a framed portrait. Our ancestors are talking to us.

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