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A South and West Medicine Wheel Participant's experience with Satchamama


We recently got an email from one of the South and West Medicine Wheel participants about an experience she had with Satchamama that changed her view of Serpent. Cool! Here it is with her permission. Thanks Sally!

"ryan and i were in victoria park yesterday playing, and a lady came along with a python. i've never until my classes had much to do with snakes and never really even touched one.  i would not say i was afraid of snakes they were just not something i would approach or touch. i would not go near one if i saw it, rather go the other way.

so along comes the lady with the python.  i am also not a big understander until now of why someone would have wanted a big snake as a pet either. anyway, this python was about 3 ft. long and a young snake. the lady told me since a child she has just loved snakes and has another one over 6 ft. long at home.

she was so gentle and loving with this snake it was amazing. of course a bunch of children gathered and they all started to hold the snake and she seemed to be thrilled with all the attention going from one child to another, not nervous but seemed to be eager to feel the children.

then i felt called to hold her and she was nothing like i expected. she felt warm and dry just like my skin, and i could feel her pulsing in my hands it was like she was caressing my hands and arms.  it was a really nice experience. i felt really tuned into her like she was talking to me and letting me feel her emotions.

how amazing is that? i have a totally different idea now about people who have these exotic pets.  this lady was about my age, showed how much she loved this snake, and the children were exposed to a great experience with the snake.  the owner talked all about the snakes feeding, sleeping habits etc.  all around it was a great experience. once of the kids asked the snakes name and she said she didn't have one. i told her about sachamama and she announced that this was now the snakes name.

what magic, who would think you would walk into victoria park and have a visit with a python?  wanted to pass this along to the tribe."

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