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Canadian $2 Coin has an Inuit Shaman Drumming


A couple of days ago I got a 1999 Canadian $2 coin, or "toonie" in my change. I looked closer at it, because usually the toonie has a polar bear on the reverse, and polar bears are special to me, but here was an Innuit Shaman doing the Drum Dance! Cool.

Designed by Inuit artist Germaine Arnaktauyok, the coin celebrated the creation of the new Canadian territory, Nunavut, in 1999.

"The drum dance is linked with Inuit spiritual life. Its solemn, hypnotic rhythms would aid the shaman into trances in which they performed supernatural feats or communicated with the spirit world. Culturally, its importance goes far beyond entertainment to reflect and express the values of the society."

"The drum signifies that the people will be heard near and far and features a map outlining Nunavut. Inside the map is a kudliq, a stone lamp that serves as a source of warmth and provides a sense of security."

Shamanism is everywhere, even on our money! Here's a picture of the Shaman toonie, or search a coin jar near you.

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