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Red and White Carnations
Red and White Carnations: Transformational Energy Medicine

More Machu Picchu


Let's continue around this magic place. Some of the blocks of stone are huge. In some places the stones are dressed and carved so they fit together so closely you can't get a piece of paper between them, yet in other places they are set down more roughly. Sometimes there's a giant stone that is so beautiful it is worth enjoying all by itself.

There are a lot of water features in Incan architecture, fountains, waterfalls, watercourses. These abound here, too. There are also two stone scrying basins at Machu Picchu, where you can see reflected the worlds around you.

What is interesting also is that the natural shape of the rock faces are used as part of the structures. For example The Temple of the Condor has huge natural rough wings of stone which tower above the carved stone neck ruff and face of the condor. Small passageways take you into the Underworld symbolically and literally. Building after building, temple, terrace. It's breathtaking.

Wandering out to the bus, you notice it is restricted to 90 km/ph on the hairpin turns, as the sign says on the back. If these busses ever make it out of 3rd gear it is amazing.

Coming back down to Agua Caliente, it's interesting to contrast the modern, colourful cement buildings of the town, and to watch the descendants of the Incas building roads in the sand. The rainbow flag is the flag of Quechua Nation.

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