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Red and White Carnations
Red and White Carnations: Transformational Energy Medicine

Water Heart Despatcho for the New Moon


So last night we did a Water Despatcho, where we would be putting the Despatcho contents into running water instead of burning them. The intention of the Despatcho was to bring Ayni, balance, to the planet. Only things that would dissolve back to nature were used.

We made the Despatcho on a cotton bed sheet, using flowers, beans, lentils, herbs, a few candies and chocolate, and lots of red and white rose petals for the kintus, and yellow chrysanthemum petals for the sun.

There were lots of red kidney beans for places of emergence or springs, and white mints for rain clouds. As the beans or peas or lentils were dropped onto the sheet, they made the sound of rain.

Over and over we broadcast the flowers, leaves for the tree people, seeds, chocolate stones for  the stone people, and confetti joy. A heart emerged in the centre.

Then we each told a water story, enjoying the diversity of water in our lives.

Finally we drove a couple of kilometers to a bridge over the quietly flowing black waters of the Grand River. After some maneuvering to make sure the sheet didn't go in the drink, we released the prayers and offerings into the river water. We watched as they first cascaded down past the pink sheet into the water, and then floated gently off downstream, the white petals catching in th ebeam of the flashlights, frogs croaking in the background.

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