Red and White Carnations: Transformational Energy Medicine

Allies for Healing: the Archetypes

In many traditions, there are allies available to assist us in our lives: they may help us in our healing, give us guidance and clarity, and provide us with protection. These allies come in many forms such as angels, guardian angels, spirit guides in human form or animal form. In this Peruvian tradition, four core allies come in the form of animals: Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird, and Eagle (or in South America, Condor). Words in italics are the Quechua language.

Serpent, Sachamama

Serpent, Sachamama, is associated with the root chakra. It represents the principle of shedding and grounding, a primary life force, a healer (think of the caduceus - two serpents entwined along a staff, representing the medical profession). The image of a serpent shedding its skin – in one piece, not scale by scale - inspires us to shed the stories and drama that squeeze us tight and hold us back. We call on Serpent to help us with this shedding of the past. When free of the hold of the past on us, we can begin to breathe more deeply, feel our feet on the earth, and walk in a more grounded and connected way - like a serpent moves smoothly and easily, belly connected to the earth. This can be called as the “Beauty Way”.

  • Physical self
  • Grounding
  • Shedding
  • Life force
  • Earth

Jaguar, Otorongo

Jaguar has many forms, and is associated with the second chakra. Otorongo represents the principle of mulching heavy energy and offers us protection. Jaguar is called on when we feel the weight and unease of heavy energy, hucha, within ourselves or within our environment. Jaguar may be called to bring protection at any time, before a known difficult situation, or in the middle of a problem time.

In the Amazon, the jaguar is at the top of the food chain with no enemies, a fearless creature. She can teach us about this fearlessness, and we call on Otorongo to show this quality witin ourselves.

Chacachinchi, or Rainbow Jaguar, represents transformation. She is called on when we need a protective guide with integrity and impeccability to guide us through a time or an experience of transformation. She represents dying to the old way and rebirth. Mental/emotional self

  • Transformation
  • Fearlessness, protection
  • Mulching
  • Death/rebirth
  • Water

Hummingbird, Serakinte

Hummingbird, Serakinte, is associated with the third chakra. She represents our soul’s journey. Hummingbirds have a fierce determination, as they journey from North to South America and back each year, a seemingly impossible journey. We call on Hummingbird to bring us these qualities as we embark on our life journey.

Serakinte loves the sweetest nectar, and only goes to those flowers that offer this nourishment to her. Inspired by this, we ask that Hummingbird to show us the sweetness in our lives, especially when the journey gets tough, so that all we do flows with ease and grace.

  • Soul, soul’s journey
  • Sweetness
  • Determination
  • Mythic
  • Music, poetry, art
  • Fire

Eagle/Condor, Apuchin

Eagle or Condor, Apuchin, is associated with the fourth chakra. Apuchin represents clear vision, sourcing the ancient wisdom and connection to Great Spirit (the Divine, God, Universal Source). We call on Eagle to bring us a broad clear vision from above the drama, the stories, everyday life. Eagle vision, which is from the heart, allows us to see what needs to be seen in the big picture as well as any necessary details, just as an eagle can see a mouse as it flies high over a vast meadow. In North American indigenous traditions, Eagle is sacred; in South America, it is the Condor. Eagle and Condor fly with Spirit, and as we call on them, we are swept into the updraft and held under their wings.

  • Energetic
  • Spirit
  • Vision from the heart
  • Clarity
  • No words
  • Air