Red and White Carnations: Transformational Energy Medicine

Dying Consciously: The Greatest Journey

The Greatest Journey is a service dedicated to helping people die consciously. It is designed for all persons involved in the dying process: The individual, family members, and friends. It offers a message of hope that is possible to bring dignity and peace back to the dying process and it teaches us how with easy to follow steps. The message of the Greatest Journey workshop is that we can come to the end of a life with grace. Its purpose is to assist the person who is making the journey beyond death to do so in a peaceful manner, full of light.

The great death rites practiced by historic traditions allow us to understand the kind of psychological and emotional closure needed. They provide specific steps to bring reconciliation and healing both to the loved ones and to the person dying. Resources are included to help all involved prepare medically, emotionally, and spiritually.

In this two day workshop you will:

  • sense and experience the energy field around the human body and the chakra system
  • understand how the energy field and chakra system interact in the dying person
  • learn three techniques to help the dying person and family: Great Life Review process for the dying person; specialized cleansing for the charkas; and reducing the fight and flight response for the dying person
  • practice an energy technique to use once the person has died
  • discover the importance of ceremony and ritual on the human brain, then create an individual ceremony
  • make a specialized prayer bundle known as an Aya Despatcho: an activity you can share with those in the dying process, or with a family after a loved one has passed. It offers a point of reminiscing over the person’s life, a chance to share stories, to get in touch with feelings.
“Rich, informative and transformational. The combination of being able to experience then ractice is a great way to integrate the learning” participant, Oct 2009

Presenters: Linda Ludwig and Fiona Rattray have been teaching workshops on a variety of topics for 16 years. Linda has been involved in end-of-life care through her work as a Massage Therapist and a volunteer with Hospice. Their passion for supporting others in their healing journey has deepened with their training in indigenous energy medicine and the Dying Consciously Teacher’s Training (

We would love to bring this workshop to your area. Contact us for details. Cost is $225 and includes handouts and a CD. Snacks and beverages provided.