Red and White Carnations: Transformational Energy Medicine

Energetic House/Building Clearing

Energy can become stuck or trapped in a building over time. People often notice rooms or places that are heavier, stagnant, or that are avoided because they don’t feel comfortable. When moving into a new house or apartment, or starting a new business, it’s wonderful to clear out the old energy and establish this space as your own. An energetic clearing of a house helps to disperse this heavy energy. Likewise, when selling a home it’s a way to clear your energy and open the space to others.

What to expect

Using red and white carnations and specific cleansing oils, the shaman will go through the building with the owner or resident, clearing the heavy energy from each room, including every cupboard, closet and drawer. The process is then repeated in reverse, informing the space with vital personalized energy.

Contact us for more details, cost varies depending on house/building size and travel time. Cost starting at $100.