Red and White Carnations: Transformational Energy Medicine

The Inkan Medicine Wheel Training

The Inkan Medicine Wheel Training is a sacred journey of transformation—no longer sourcing our lives from our wounding or being held by fate—but living an authentic life. It gives an opportunity to honour and own our wisdom, as we create the world we really want in our communities and beyond.

We are so pleased to offer Four Winds: Inkan Medicine Wheel. This is the only licensed Four Winds course offered in Canada, aside from the Light Body Training that is currently being offered in Paris, Ontario and a program that runs out of Quebec.

This is such a powerful path of personal awareness, healing and transformation.

The 2018 schedule for the Inkan Medicine Wheel. We are runing classes in Elora, Ontario.

  • New Wheel starting....South: Friday August 10th 2018 to Sunday August 12th 2018, Elora Ontario
  • West: Friday September 28th 2018 to Sunday September 30th 2018, Elora
  • North: Friday November 30th to Sunday December 1st 2018, Elora
  • East: Friday March 3rd to Sunday March 5th 2019, Elora
  • Classes run from 9:00am to approx 6:00pm each day.


Full Curriculum

  • $1580 + hst, monthly payment plan available

Please call 519-669-2016 or email for further information or to register.

The Journey

Each class is full of rich experiences and ceremony, that allow for an in-depth understanding, clearing and honouring of the obstacles that prevent us from living our lives to the fullest. In this way, we shift and transform our wounds into our medicine, into something that informs and nourishes us. As this occurs, it allows our lives, and how we perceive our world, to shift and transform.

The South

The South is the first class. We learn about sacred space, we experience our luminous energy field. Here is where we shed our past--we liken it to how a serpent sheds its skin. We shed that which binds us to our personal past; we learn the lessons so we don’t have to keep repeating the patterns. We create an opportunity to step out of our histories and into who we are becoming. You receive four of the Munay Ki rites in this class.

The West

In the West, we learn tracking skills and the shaman's way of seeing through different perceptual states. Genetic, generational and karmic influences are shed. We receive our ancestor's gifts to us, then unwind any binding that may be holding us back from our own journey, no longer informed by the past. We experience stepping beyond fear and releasing the lifelessness that is claiming us little by little, so that we can be claimed by life. This is the place of the luminous warrior who has no enemies and nothing left to defend, who inhabits a world that isn’t predatory. You receive the Pampamesayok rites.

The North

The North is where we shed our roles and how they bind us. With this work combined with the shedding done in the South and West, we are free from what holds us back from our soul's journey. Now, we are ready to step off the path we've been on and choose what we want in our lives, responding to the call of spirit and re-writing our soul's contract. Through ceremony, there is a deepening of our connection to these wisdom teachings and this lineage of medicine men and women. You receive the Altomesayok and Mosoq rites.

The East

The East is when we become the visionary of our world. We look at possibilities, not probabilities. We discern how energy and intention create reality, realizing that as we perceive the world, we create it. We take all that we have learned, our tracking, our awareness, our wisdom, and we bring it back into the practical world, of family, work, and community. You receive the Kurakakunak and Taitanche rites

Your Mesa

Throughout, the Inkan Medicine Wheel, we build a personal mesa, or healing bundle. In each direction, three stones are brought to class and transformed into Kuyas (medicine stones). The mesa becomes a physical representation of your medicine wheel journey. You will learn in each class ways to use your messa for ongoing healing and transformation in your life.